The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Getting More Dates on Tinder [Updated 2017]

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Getting more dates on Tinder is a not as tricky as you might think. Now that you have matched and hopefully managed to get the girl’s number, it is now time to take it to the next level.

In this post I am going to help you land more dates using Tinder step by step without missing any steps in between.

Are you ready?

… Even if you are not, read on.

Men tend to complicate the whole asking the girl out part simple because we are conditioned to put women on a pedestal and treat them like they are not normal.

And I can safely say that women hate that. They do not want to be treated any differently, they just want to have a good time like your guy friends do. Period.

So how do you ask the women out on a date?

Step 1: Keep it playful

A date is not a big deal. So you should not treat it like one.

A date is meant for you and the girl to get to know each other and you do not need any qualifiers for that.

So when you are asking a girl out drop some playful hints in the beginning. Hopefully she gets the vibe of the conversation and see where it is going.

Say things that are dorky and cheesy, have fun. Women love that.


“Tea makes me gassy, what do you think about the XXXX shop in XXXX”

“I know the filthy place that has great coffee, you into good coffee??”

If she does not get the hints.. Move on to step 2.

Step 2: Suggest an activity

Women love social activity just as much as men. So if you were able to pick up on any of her interests from your conversations then suggest an activity related to it.

Since this is something she likes, she is much more likely to say yes.

It is also important that you too like the activity that you are suggesting otherwise you will be bored the entire time and end up creating the wrong image in the girl’s mind.

So choose the activity that both of you like and get on it.


“If bowling is your thing, then I am down! I suck at it, but I’m down nonetheless.”

“Losers go to the mall and there is a good mall that I know 2 miles from my place. Wanna join me?”

Step 3: Always choose public places for the first date

You might be a standup guy, but there are a lot of creeps out there.

Ask any girl and she will tell you horror stories of guys who seemed nice over texting and calls but turned super creepy in person.

So for the girl to feel safe suggest your first meeting in a public place.

The best option would be to ask her out for coffee and then plan your day going forward based on what you both want.

Also since she feels a lot safer in public spaces, the likelihood of her saying “yes” is a lot more.

Step 4: Fix on the time and place and let her know

Most times you will have to take the lead and fix the time and place for your date if the girl does not initiate it herself.

Women love men who can lead and you will be appreciated immensely for it.

Do not attach any strings to the date and tell her that she is free to not go if she is not comfortable at first.

This might seem counterintuitive but women are more likely to trust a guy who can walk away than someone who is clingy.

If not this time.. You will land the date very soon. Be patient.

Step 5: Don’t go on about sex all the time

This is a mistake that a lot of guys make.

Don’t mistake me, girls do love dirty talk but sometimes men let their d*** talk them out of a good social arrangement.

She is not on a rocket to Mars anytime soon and when she is ready she will drop hints that she wants to hook up. So pay attention.

Have naughty conversations but know where to draw the line. And if you sense that she is not comfortable, stop it. You are not doing anyone any favours.

Important Rule: Do not push it.

If a woman says “no” to your request for a date then take it with some grace and dignity.

Do not get defensive and say things that you do not mean.

There might be a million reasons for her to say no to you and it may not necessarily be about you. So do not take that personally.

Date conversations that are initiated from a perspective of having fun is a lot better than one focussing on just getting lucky at the end of the night.

If you play your cards right and she is also in the mood for it, things will happen. But if it does not, do not be broken or take it personally.

Women are not very different from guys, so you need to start treating them as equals and any human will respect you for it.

Go out there and have a great time. Everything else is a bonus.

Got any questions? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help you out.

Cheers 🙂

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